Easy Techniques to Remove Motorcycle Fairing Scratches and Scuffs

If you own a high-end motorcycle, you know what a nuisance it is to get a scratch on your motorcycle fairing. A scratch or a scruff rarely ever affects the functionality of the bike, but they do compromise their aesthetic value. Every day, our bikes have to face pollution as well as a lot of traffic, making the fairing susceptible to a lot of scratches and scruffs within a few years of owning them. If you become ignorant of the scratches, then the bike will eventually lose its shine and will get rusted.

This makes it necessary to take good care of your motorcycle and adopt some techniques which can get rid of those nasty scratches.

Things to do before removing scratches from your motorcycle fairing

But before you attempt to buff any of them out, it is necessary to determine the level of adversity of those scratches. The time and effort you're willing to spend to remove the scratches also play a major role in the technique you should choose.

To determine whether the scratch is deep enough to be treated you must first clean it really well with warm soapy water using a soft sponge to avoid any further scratches. Try to determine if they are minor surface scuffs in the clear cot or run all the way down to the base coat. By removing all the dust and debris covering the scratched area, this part would be easily identifiable.

Let us look at some DIY tips to get rid of those awful scratches:

Using Candle wax

Yes, you can successfully remove those scratches using an ordinary candle lying around your house. Minor scratches on the fairing of your bike can be hidden using candle wax. To hide those, start by cleaning the scuffed area and letting it dry. After it dries completely, rub a flimsy coat of candle wax on the area which will cover and seal the unwanted mark for some time. However, this is not ideal for those looking for a long-term solution. But this will buy you enough time to come up with a permanent solution without having to look at the horrendous sight continuously.


Most kinds of toothpaste use abrasive ingredients which work well in wiping minor scratches on painted surfaces. They work like sanding tools on painted surfaces. So if you notice any unwanted marks lurking on your bike, you can grab your toothpaste to erase them. The teeth whitening toothpaste work the best out of all other kinds. You can start by thoroughly cleaning the affected area and buffing it with toothpaste using clean paper towels. Grab another paper towel to wipe off the toothpaste residue and if you still are not fully satisfied, repeat the process until it has vanished.

Nail polish

Nail polish is easily available in plenty of colours in the market and can cover a scratch on your bike perfectly. Using nail polish for your scratch removal is also a semi-permanent solution to your problem. All you have to do is apply a single coat of nail paint to the clean and dried area and wait for a minute. If you still want more precision, you can also go for multiple coats until you're fully satisfied.

The Takeaway

Your motorcycle is one of your most prized possessions, and if anything happens to it, it would be nothing short of a horrible nightmare for you. Following these simple DIY, you can easily cover and even vanish those nasty scars and if you want to buy new fairings for your beloved bike, feel free to check out Summit Fairings.

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