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With high quality ABS plastic, the fairing's material features excellent impact resistance properties.


Our paints meet or exceed the standards set by the original manufacturer of your bike.


With injection mold technology, we can guarantee the best precision and quality, which can fit your bike more precisely.


We ship our fairings packaged with bubble wrap in shock absorbing cartons.


Free gifts of a matched screws and bolts kit, windscreen, and heat shield.

Motorcycle Fairing is made easy with a fairing kit to help improve performance

When discussing motorcycle fairing it covers a broad range of aspects that involves several protective panelings around the bike that we refer to as frames in layman's language. The fairing parts are mostly made of strong plastic material, aluminum or fiberglass. These framing parts are common in application with racing or sports bikes for improving their performance.

The motorcycle fairings for sale can boost the bike's aerodynamic functionality, reducing air drag. You can use a motorcycle fairing kit as per its brand to enhance fuel efficiency and speed up the bikes even at lower engine rpm. In the event of a collision or accident, fairings play a critical role in providing additional protection for the rider from motorcycle components. Additionally, fairing parts can serve as a windshield for a bike.

Taking your bike to a mechanic every time your bike fairing sustains damage can cost too much as they charge you extra for resourcing the manufacturers' original parts from the dealer. So, why not buy a Motorcycle fairings kit online at an affordable price and have your repairer install it?

Factors influencing motorcycle fairing kit price

Depending on the make and model, the average Motorcycle fairings kit can cost from $600 to $1,500. Buyers can get the cheapest price for aftermarket kits. The fairing price can depend on various factors:

  • Model and year of your bike
  • Material
  • Quality
  • OEM vs. Aftermarket Fairings
  • Design and Painting

As per the standard thumb rule, the fairing kit price can get higher as you get a more expensive bike that features more fairing. While a high-end sports bike featuring full fairing can come with a big price tag, smaller size naked or half-naked street bike fairings would be cheaper. If you want to customize your bike with a racing fairing kit or add some special features, the kit price may rise.

The quality of fairing material is most crucial

No matter the price you are willing to pay for your motorcycle fairings for sale, note that if the material is not of good quality, it is not worth it. The strong metalling fairing parts can cost more than cheap motorcycle fairings of fiberglass and strong plastic materials. However, typically a motorcycle fairing kit without any painting costs the cheapest.

The fairing painting with new decals or vehicle paints can charge additional costs, including the labor charge. But if you want to save more, consider doing the fairing for motorcycle replacement on your own. Learning the DIY process is no rocket science, and the process can compete within a few hours if you follow the right instruction. When it comes to motorcycle plastics fairing kit purchases, You have three types of the market to choose from:

  • OEM fairing kit
  • Aftermarket cheap fairing kit
  • High-end aftermarket street kit

The OEM fairing kit would cost you the most, but that's for a good reason. But if you buy only a single-side fairing for motorcycle, especially for a sports bike, it can cost you 50% less than the full-range kit. OEM motorcycle fairing kit will offer you high quality and durability since the parts are from the same brand manufacturer as your bike, which provides you with easy installation. The cheap motorcycle fairings option would be the used motorcycle plastics fairing kits you can easily find on the internet reseller platforms

Another cheap option would be aftermarket motorcycle fairings than the OEM counterparts as they are ordered directly from overseas. Since OEM fairing is purchased from dealerships and retailers, the overhead prices are high. However, make sure to inquire about the product description to avoid low-quality and alignment issues. Moreover, ensure the platform has a reliable return policy so if there is damage during shipment or the product comes without painting or decals, you would have a fair compensation solution.

The must-have motorcycle fairing kit for riders

Fairing kits come in many designs and sizes. Hence, considering the type of fairing you want to choose, you have an easier option for turning your regular bike into a street bike, café racer or a stripped-naked bike. The latest most used motorcycle fairings kit is made of carbon fiber for track rides, that is strong plastic traded as Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic.

These motorcycle plastics can get as strong and as light as you want with carbon fiber.Moreover, carbon fiber fairing kits are aesthetically very attractive, so you may or may notwant to paint the fairing. There is also matt-colored fairing available in the market that looksabsolutely nice on the bike. Waterproof LED strips are quite a rage in the market due tooffering fairing lighting kits.

Final thoughts

When your motorcycle is fully faired, it can give you the advantage of high-speed performance and more protection. The many shapes, qualities and materials can vary the motorcycle fairing kit price widely. However, it's all up to your budget and preference to choose the fairing parts that offer you more flexibility and optimize your bike.

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