OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts: What's the Difference?

When you go shopping for motorcycle plastics and accessories, you'll be faced with two choices as far as parts are concerned. You can either choose to purchase original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts. OEM parts are manufactured by the company that makes the bike. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are made by third-party companies. You'll learn how these two different types of motorcycle plastics are made, as well as how they differ from each other in terms of quality and price. Once you understand what makes them different from each other, we'll show you which one is best suited for replacing your old plastics or adding new ones.

What's the Difference?

OEM parts, or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, are made by the manufacturer of your bike. They're typically more expensive than aftermarket parts because they're made specifically for your bike model and don't need to be altered to fit an individual rider's needs.

Aftermarket parts are third-party products that aren't made exclusively for any particular motorcycle or vehicle model. This can make them cheaper than OEM products—but it also means that they may not perform as well or last as long due to less stringent manufacturing standards and other factors such as quality control issues or lack of service options at the point-of-sale.


Aftermarket parts  are not made to fit the bike’s model, year or make. That means that if you want a new part from an aftermarket company that doesn’t fit your current ride, it will be impossible for them to make one for you. Aftermarket parts can also be more expensive than OEM parts because they don't have as many years of experience in manufacturing parts for specific models and makes.


Are Aftermarket Parts As Good As OEM Parts?

While it's true that aftermarket parts are cheaper and sometimes even better than OEM replacements, they're not always equal to or as good as the real thing. Aftermarket parts don't have the same high standards of quality as original equipment (OEM) counterparts do. They're also not made to last nearly as long or perform at their peak when compared to what you might find on an original equipment car's dashboard or engine bay.


Cost of Your Motorcycle Plastics

The cost of aftermarket parts can vary greatly, but if you do your research and find a good supplier, you'll be able to save money on the replacement cost of your motorcycle plastics. On the other hand, if you buy OEM or genuine parts from an authorized dealer or manufacturer, then it's likely that they will have lower prices than their competitors because they're guaranteed against defects and workmanship issues at no extra charge.



Whether you choose to purchase OEM parts or aftermarket ones, both types of parts are good options. It all depends on what kind of look you want for your motorcycle and how much money you want to spend on it. Summitfairings brings in high-quality custom Motorcycle Fairings Kits for sale. Check out now!

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