Ninja 300 Fairings: Fairing for speed

A shell is placed over the frame, mostly in racing motorcycles and sports bikes. Its primary function is to redirect wind and decrease air resistance. Motorcycle fairing also helps to protect the rider from airborne hazards and hypothermia caused due to wind and even hazards caused by engine components if any case accident occurs. A motorcycle windshield will usually be integrated into the design of the fairing. 

The term fairing was introduced through a field of aerodynamics in aircraft for smoothing airflow over components where airflow gets disturbed. 

Ninja 300 fairings by Summit fairings are primarily of three types – front fairings, rear fairings, and streamliner. Fairings of sports bikes are mainly composed of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. ABS plastic is chosen for its strong, malleable, and low-weighed properties. Moreover, ABS combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber better than other plastic. The properties of fairings depending on the proportions of each constituent mentioned above.

 Effects of the fairing on the speed of the bike – 

Motorcycles, mainly the sports bikes Ninja 300 fairing, have a significantly less streamlined body design and generally have a very high power-to-weight ratio than cars. Thus, the effects of air resistance and wind speed on motorcycles are maximum. 

 An excellent aerodynamic fairing will increase top speed. On streamlining the bike, we need half the horsepower to go a given speed, it will only increase the bike’s top speed by about 26%, and on throttling down to go your original speed, we will use about half the gas. The power needed to overcome air resistance increases with the third power of the speed, so to double the speed, we need eight times the horsepower doubling the horsepower, and the speed increases by the cube root of two or 126%. 

On decreasing this resistive force offered by air, we achieve higher speed and performance of bikes by affecting fuel mileage at cruising speed, and it raises the top speed. 

Benefits of Ninja 300 fairing–  

  • Ninja 300 fairing being aerodynamic helps the bike can accelerate swiftly and faster. This makes all the difference in racing, as riders can reach higher speeds quicker. Fairings provide more and a better shield from the wind, which doesn’t let the bike wobble and stabilize the bike. 
  • Fairings deflect the wind, which creates a much more enjoyable and comfortable ride. It also reduces helmet noise and the impact of wind hitting you and the bike at high speeds. On winter days, the fairings deflect the cold air making the rider immune to bitter cold.
  • It also encourages better posture. 
  • fairing is considered the blank canvas of the bike for the rider to add their creativity, mirroring their personalities.
  • In accidents, fairing protects the engine, inner workings, and core elements of a motorcycle and also the rider
  • Fairings improve the aerodynamics of the bikes; thus, burden on the engine is decreased; as a result, its longevity increases.
  • Fairing is known to add the wow factor to a bike. It can create beautiful aesthetics and also can be considered a value-addition factor for a bike

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