We are one of leading motorcycle fairing export sites, with over 3000 styles across almost all motorcycle models which include brands like honda, kawasaki, yamaha, suzuki, BMW, Ducati and Triumph. Whether you need a set of fairing or a large container, our company can meet your needs. With locations in both the United States and Mainland China we are able to provide services worldwide.

To begin selling our fairings now, contact us today.

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Discount for dealer and bulk purchaser
  • - there is $40 discount for dealer per set.
  • - If you don't want a gift it can be extra cheaper $10.
  • - there is additional $25 for bulk purchase and ocean freight.

Some information are requried for regist dealer account:
1, Photo copy of current business license
2, company information include:
- Legal Company Name
- Trading as(Store Name)
- Website
- Ownership (Corporation/Partnership/Proprietorship)
- Nature of Business (Repair Shop/Dealer/Distributor/Online Store/Other - please specify)
- Annual Sales Volume